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                • Mobile:86-13824022518
                • Address: No. 2, The 1st Floor, Building A, No.5, Dongsheng Road, Huaxing Industrial Park , Huadu District, Guangzhou City
                Warranty   The warranty is one year under normal conditions(accessories not included). And Penhui will offer professional technical supports.   All items are brand new, never used, non-refurbished and well packed. Every item is well tested before being shipped. If you have any technical problems during installation or operation, please feel free to contact us. Until now, we have found most of the problems are not from the items themselves but from misunderstanding or improper operation. Therefore please make sure to check it carefully before sending it back. If the item is not defective as you described, we will not be responsible for any shipping cost caused by resending.   The valid period for replacement is 14 days upon the receipt of the item. We will support one-way (from China to you) shipping cost if we confirm the faulty in one month.    In the following situations: damaged by improper installation o...